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Understanding the Difference between the Dimensions

Understanding the Difference between the Dimensions Virginia Ellen

The rules of the third dimension are rigid, unwavering, and unforgiving. They are limited, and they limit our freedom and joy. The third dimension is a place of being stuck in reactions with old patterns and emotions. The energy is stagnant, and we live in our heads.

Separation is created by the limited concepts of right and wrong, sin and punishment, good and bad, heaven and hell, worthy and unworthy, and black and white beliefs. Consequently, judgment and blame arise due to our lack of taking responsibility for our creations. This way of thinking eliminates the opportunity to live in the moment and to feel true joy. We cling to the past, and we are afraid to live. We cannot see life as a circle of love that is endlessly moving and creating anew.

The mind of the third dimension is analytical and reasons from a foundation of fear of loss. It compares itself to others, draws conclusions with its rational thinking, and calculates the anticipated outcome of events. It is always planning and scheming to have more and to be more.