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The Urgency of Responsibility

The Urgency of Responsibility Tuesday May Thomas

Author's Note: The use of the title of this article has been granted by my dear friend, the Irish mystic healer Aoibhinn Murray.

The number of healers on the planet is expanding, and with this comes a call for our global community to adopt increasing responsibility for its clients and students. While time appears to be speeding up, so too are the processes through which many members of our Earth family are achieving placement as the healers to whom many go for spiritual care, guidance, and repair. This article contains concepts and guidelines to procure alignment with our highest selves so that the work we share may truly bring about change that serves the higher good of all.

Are You Creating Codependence in Others?

Dearest teacher, when you were seeking direction from a healer or persons with special abilities at the beginning of your spiritual journey, were you able to discern what to hold as truth in the information shared with you? Did you believe everything you were told? If you were given seemingly negative news, could you decipher what felt in alignment with your truth, or would the news cause you to seek further counsel from an additional healer?