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Going into Your Heart Can Change Anything

Going into Your Heart Can Change Anything Amy Morris

He describes himself as a spiritual scientist, and others claim he is a fraud. But many heed his messages and teachings through his five books, workshops, videos, and interviews. I've read all five books, listened to numerous videos and interviews, and just recently returned from his Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona.

Although I found his books life altering, joining him firsthand gave me a much deeper understanding and perspective. To me, he was fascinating because it was like watching an avid scientist, a joyful kid who laughed a lot, a peaceful yogi, a master teacher, and a regular human guy all wrapped up in a single package. It was as if somehow he were able to be all things. I felt compelled to share my experience not only because I'm a writer but also because my experience was truly life changing.

Mind you, there is prep work required before going that can vary in length depending on where you are spiritually. For me, since I can be a bit dense, it was a progression of healing and learning for almost two years prior to my attendance. My guess is that although you may still find an immense amount of information even if you go without preparing, it would definitely be beneficial to arrive ready. Although I felt that I had to go specifically at this time, I still couldn't help feeling that there was surely some more growth I could have benefited from prior to attending. Well, c'est la vie, as they say. I just thought it was important to mention.