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Was the Sun Responsible?

Was the Sun Responsible? Nina Brown

As I write this article, the House and the Senate allowed the United States government to shut down. How could this possibly happen? My creative answer is that the Sun did it.

On the fall equinox, September 22, 2013, the magnetic field of our Sun went to zero, according to Jim Self, an author who has lectured on this topic and offered this precise date. What "going to zero" means is that there was no suspension or repulsion from the magnetic fields of the Sun — no push/pull being emitted from the Sun to Earth — which affected each person on the planet.

Isn't it curious that Congress was deciding how to vote on the national budget while this phenomenon was occurring? You remember well that the nonessential government workers were sent home on October 1, 2013. Could the electromagnetic fields of the Congress members have been in suspension as well? Just like two magnets that have no charge, they can't come together. Of course, this is just me dreaming while offering little concrete science to defend my points. But NASA did predict this magnetic reversal of the Sun: "Something big is about to happen on the Sun. According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the Sun's vast magnetic field is about to flip" ("The Sun's Magnetic Field Is about to Flip," NASA Science/Science News, August 5, 2013).