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Pick Up the Pace

The group
Steve Rother

Greetings from Home. We are pleased to bring you a view from the top for the coming year 2015. We have watched in excitement as you stepped into a new dimension, yet much of what you have been waiting for is still ahead.

Be Who You Are: Drop the Masks That You Created to Survive 3D

Grandfather and Zarcan
Robert Shapiro

The year 2015 is going to be kind of a rough year in some ways, but you have all received a lot of training — through this channel and most likely through others. You have your own methods, so you can apply them for your benefit and the benefit of your friends and family and others.

Stop and Contemplate

The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al.
Arthur Fanning

Note to reader: Words in italics were delivered with emphasis, |Stop and Contemplate| indicates a pause with a shift in the energy by the being speaking through Arthur, and [ ] Indicates words inserted for clarity.

An Ecliptic Year of Change: 2015

Archangel Metatron
James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters, I am Metatron, Archangel of Light, and I greet you in a vector of unconditional love. Therefore, in this gathering, we are asked by the channel to discuss the year that lies before you, 2015, in your linear time. It is Year Three of the New Earth.

Harmony through Hormonal Balance

The Arcturians
Abby Isadora Haydon

We are the Arcturians, and we have come again to continue our discussion of the changes that are happening to the form of your species. For many eons we have waited for the events that are now occurring in your world.

Gateways to the New Dimension of Being

Spiritus Sanctus
Pam Murray

Greetings, beloved lightwalkers. You have been working hard to raise the vibrational level of your planet, and it has paid off! Everything you contributed to this in the past year has made it possible to enter a series of portals that have now opened to you. What are these portals?

Begin to Live the Prophecy of Love

Archangel Michael
Gail Swanson

The crucible has been carried by this family of light. It has been and continues to be carried for humanity. The time at hand is crucial to the spiritual evolution of not only your planet but also of all time and space. What will now occur is the healing of the wounds you carry.

The Avalanche of Earth's Shift

Zintis Muiznieks

Greetings, friends. It is with joy that we come together again to celebrate what is new for you and what is the passing of the old year and the coming of the new with the change of the season as the Sun once again ascends in the Northern Hemisphere and descends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Short Daily Meditations Make All the Difference

Papa Juan
Beatriz Jimpson

Note: The information herein is for educational purposes only. The content of this article should not be used to give medical advice or to prescribe any form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician.

All Is (Totally and Completely) Well in This Moment

The Ancient Ones
Miriandra Rota

Because we have been invited to speak about the upcoming year of 2015, we will begin by saying that all is never written in stone, as you have the familiar phrase. Yet there are some occurrences that would be more than possible, and of those, we will speak.


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