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The Recalibration of Self: Part One

The Recalibration of Self: Part One Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. All the things that follow in this message today are about Human Beings and things that are literally changing the paradigm of their reality. So the day has been filled with examples of thinking differently [Channel’s Note: speaking of the seminar], and this message will continue that theme. We have given you message after message since the first of this year indicating how things are different and asking you to look at something we are calling a “recalibration of all things.”

I speak to you right now in a linear fashion with communication you are used to. This is possible due to the experience and practice that my partner has received over the years. He is intuitively able to translate this multidimensional communication from my side of the veil to yours.

Channeling is the process of translating spiritual messages through a Human Being. But in the process, you still have the Human Being’s 3D filter in place. The culture, the language, and the thought processes are all still there. Therefore, part of accurate channeling is for the channeler to learn to step aside and allow the information to flow with the least filtering possible. Channeling has never been a takeover of a Human’s free will. That would be something you would call possession, and it is not that. Instead, it is a meld given in love to pass information, energy, and communication from a loving source to you.