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Cultivating a Relationship with the Divine Mother

Cultivating a Relationship with the Divine Mother Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I am delighted to once again greet you on behalf of the spiritual plane. How exciting to bless you in the midst of summer, at least for dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere, I greet and bless you in the midst of winter. May all of you delight in the seasonal manifestation of the planet in your own area and also make enough space in your hearts to celebrate the flow of the seasons on the planet as a single whole.

As we focus together this month, let us first acknowledge the profound openings in this interesting and powerful year. As they continue, may you all awaken to a fuller understanding of who you are becoming as your very planet also “becomes.” May you discern clearly the mission you set out to accomplish in this life as you delve even deeper into the mystery of physical incarnation. Further, allow yourself to be excited by what you are discovering about physical incarnation in general and your specific piece of the grand puzzle in particular.

I encourage you to start each day with fresh eyes: Take nothing for granted, and look beyond the experiential parameters defined by culture, nationality, class, race, financial circumstances, and social privilege. While I recognize that this assignment may be somewhat difficult, give it your best effort, and challenge yourself to look beyond the obvious in all arising phenomena.