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The Tambrorian Plane

The Tambrorian Plane All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Many of you have lived on other planes of existence. Many of you have come to this plane from another, and many of the spiritual gifts that you have were in fact honed or remembered on one of these important planes. This message will concentrate on initial information of the Tambrorian plane.

The plane we expose you to now is also a plane that we use to introduce many spirits or souls into the physical aspects of the universes. Further, it is a plane where certain reintroductions or reincarnations into multiple lifetimes happen as they also do on your current plane. When a spirit/soul housed in a body or encasement needs to remember something connected to karmic issues, it can and does occur on this plane. If a spirit/ soul has or had karmic issues with unacceptance during a lifetime, a certain inability to return to oneness results. This occurs after death.

Death on this plane is a reflective mirror of death on your plane yet different. Although there is no touch on this plane (this will be discussed later), encasements do have a tendency to exhibit and project unacceptance through instances that demonstrate a belief in superiority and power over other encasements.