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Completing the Codes of Year One

Completing the Codes of Year One Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, lord of light. We encompass each of you in a field of unconditional love within coded, coherent light. We nurture you; we honor each of you. We know you by heart, tone, resonance, and name. It has always been so.

As the year 2013, Year One of the New Earth, goes into its final phases, humanity is poised for a renaissance. You are completing an auspicious year, a powerful and transitional time. The changes that have taken place since the planetary ascension are vast. Some are subtle, others more tangible.

The remaining energies of 2013 are somewhat less intense than the 2012 continual bombardment of solar wind amplifiers and astroportal flurries that were made to finish the crystalline grid and force you into upshift. Twenty twelve was a year in which every month sequentially raised the frequencial bar. It was a purposed obstacle course of increasing intensity aimed at preparing you for the heralded expansion.