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A New Reality for Those Ready to Experience It

A New Reality for Those Ready to Experience It Zi' antha through Wendy Zellea

This has been a year of transformation for many lightworkers. It is the year to integrate and process the vast amounts of energy work that led up to 2012, but what is really going on and what will happen after the processing is done? The answer to these questions is becoming apparent as the shift into the new era on Earth unfolds.

An Updated, Empowering Version of Consciousness

A different reality has been created, and now those who are aware of it are learning to live within it. Is this not the reality for which lightworkers hoped, worked, and trained? All the healing modalities that have been learned and practiced in the process have been used to clear the lower vibrations from the lightbodies of those who are now participating in the upgraded human consciousness.

Now that the countdown to 2012 is over and the afterglow has faded, lightworkers are faced with the practical aspects of this new reality, for this is still the third dimension after all, and as a lightworker, it is up to you to make the best of it. In the same way that a "what' s new" document is issued when a new version of software is released, there are also many changes in the current third-dimensional life of a lightworker.