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The Power of Words in Shaping Your Lives

The Power of Words in Shaping Your Lives Isaiah through Riz Mirza

We are Isaiah. When you look at certain references to creation in certain texts, you find that in the beginning there was the Word, and from that all was created. Here in this society that you have developed, you often marvel at things — let us say the great accomplishments of others, for example. You are in awe and wonderment at what has been created before you, whether it' s a grand piece of art or, certainly more importantly, a movement among the people to better their situations to come together. What created it? How was it possible? Certainly it began with words.

The Internal and External Power of Words

There has never been a movement that did not start with words, whether it was an external, sociopolitical movement or a movement in the internal workings where the spirit defies the ego mind. It always begins with the word, whether the dialogue is external or internal. The resonance of the words is omnipresent, but it is most important in those areas where the dialogue exists within you, in the words you are using to hypnotize or program yourselves at every moment.

There is nonverbal communication not only with others through the language of the physical body, but also with the self through the movements of the internal machine. The results in your life are most likely due to the internal dialogue that has been going on for years. Indeed they are referred to "the old tapes that play." When you grow tired of listening to them, your lives will change.