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The Time of Penance Is Over

The Time of Penance Is Over Angels of the Violet Ray through Abby Isadora Haydon

We come to speak through this new vehicle to tell you of an energetic experience that many on your world have gone through since the beginning of this year. We speak for those who work through this ray of healing and transformation. There are many masters of different spiritual traditions who focus their attention and energy through the format the violet ray offers.

We have come to let those of you who have experienced great difficulties in the past six months know that the time of challenge is over. Many of you have made the commitment through your connection to the angelic realms and the ascended masters to choose to release the unproductive energy formations that surround your soul body — a choice made in the dream state in the past year. During this time, you may or may not remember a dream in which you were given the way to release the stagnant energy formations that have been maintained in the soul body and manifested within the physical body.

Soul bodies have had many opportunities to go into human bodies during the time this planet has been able to support the physical form of the human being. During their explorations, soul bodies pick up a great deal of energetic baggage. Each soul body experiences the desire to cleanse itself. That is why so many are incarnate. It gives soul bodies a chance to release any out-of-balance energy that has clung to them.