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Tools for Dimensional Shifting

Tools for Dimensional Shifting Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians! Today, I am going to introduce a new topic called dimensional shifting. This term has some important implications for your ascension and for maintaining your higher perspective on Earth during this time of dramatic change and crises. Dimensional shifting relates directly to your ability to go into different dimensions with your consciousness. Each of you enters another dimension every night when you are in the sleep state. In the sleep state, you go through several different states of consciousness. Eventually, you enter the dream state, which is characterized by rapid eye movement, or REM. At that point, you officially enter the fourth dimension, which has different systems in it classified as the lower, the middle, and the higher fourth dimensions. During the sleep state, you enter, or shift into, another dimension. Dimensionally shifting is a natural ability in humans. It is part of the normal course of the workings of human consciousness.

Dimensional shifting is a key concept in your ascension. You want to be able to shift your consciousness into the fifth dimension at the point of ascension. You must begin the process of shifting your consciousness now. Every night, you practice how to shift your consciousness in the dream state. Think about how many days there are in a year and how many years you have been alive, and multiply those numbers to determine the number of times you have experienced or practiced going into this dream state of consciousness.

I realize that not everyone goes into the dream state with ease, but basically you’ve all had that experience. Now, how often have you shifted into the fifth-dimensional consciousness? Why do I use the word “shift”? There is a new spiritual technology we offer based on the teachings of the Arcturians and the ascension. This new spiritual technology includes basic exercises for dimensional shifting, such as shimmering, bilocation, and thought projection. These exercises are based on the concept of the energetic vibrational aura.