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Living in the Divine Trinity

Living in the Divine Trinity Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

We bring great love and presence with us for you in all ways — all of the hearts of all beings of all that is within and all that is without and all that is around in many abundant treasured ways.

You are aware that this is a moment of divine opening that has already begun. You are now well within the cycle of the great lion energy. This cycle has a fulcrum aspect to it, simply meaning that there are those who will lift, pull, push, and squash. Living as an awakened being within lion energy invites you to consider how you choose to be with this energy. What is radiating through your body now? What is your body offering you? Are you paying attention?

The Primary Aspect of the Divine Trinity

There are three aspects of this divine opening of the lion cycle that are reaching out to you for unification. The time of trinity unification is here and begins with the physical form.