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Steering the Ship of Consciousness

Steering the Ship of Consciousness Count Saint Germain and Lady Portia through Star Hinman

The concept of “steering the ship of your consciousness” has never been more important than in this time of rapid change and challenge on Earth, as all about you constantly shifts and changes. We advise you to hold to the divine energies and the higher thought so that you can seal yourself in a protective shield of higher energy. You will find that what you choose to focus on with your mind and emotions, you will draw to you constantly through the law of magnetism, for like attracts like. When you allow yourself to be drawn into negativity, this depletes your energy system and ultimately weakens you. You certainly know this already, yet we still see many of you allowing this negativity to overtake, influence, and invade your consciousness, perhaps because it is so pervasive now on Earth.

It has been said, and rightly so, that “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures,” and this has never been more true than now, when you and Earth seem to be awash in negativity. You must constantly be on guard against negative influences because many times they appear quite innocuous. After gaining a foothold in your consciousness, they reveal their true colors and intent, which is often the control of human consciousness. Hence the need, at this particular time on Earth (more than ever), for each of you to stand guard at the door of thought, allowing only such things to enter that would benefit your consciousness and only allowing in your mind what you wish to see as circumstances in your life.

Yes, Earth is awash in negativity, but if you dwell on this, it increases. Instead, focus on these alternate strategies, and use the decrees that have been given, for you will find them to be most helpful in turning the tide in your lives from the negative to the positive outcomes you desire. There is no reason to remain in darkness and fear when you are masters of your destiny. Realize this, dearest ones, and put this knowledge to good use in your lives, restoring your sovereignty and mastership. Above all else, stay out of fear, which is one of the great destroyers, along with doubt — doubt of yourself and your divine heritage and abilities. We would rather see you apply yourselves to the constant study of your divine nature and use this to uncover your true abilities, leading to your mastership — of yourselves and your lives — for the betterment of all.