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The Unconscious Brain and the Challenge of Unity

The Unconscious Brain and the Challenge of Unity Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Aramaic and ancient Hebrew mysticism teach that the Holy Spirit is the same as the holy breath, the benevolent life force emitted by the Creator from the very beginning of existence. Humans can choose to align with this remembering by breathing in and becoming the same sacred breath of unity that flows through the planet and the entire universe and has prepared the way for all of creation to experience existence.

By consciously aligning with this breath, you acknowledge your natural state as a viable, cherished, and beloved part of the whole. This understanding embraces that you are intrinsically interconnected to each other. You also acknowledge that within your great diversity and uniqueness, you share a similar journey of discovery of what it means to be individual humans and cultures that are part of one great and expansive family, planet, universe, and beyond, operating as the unified and balanced consciousness of the Creator.

Everything in life is created within this breath of unity, and it is blessed, carrying the Creator’s primary life force, light, and benevolence. Even when humans choose the illusion of separation from this ever-present source of love and light, the experience is still blessed. Ultimately, the lessons learned from the illusion of being in darkness will be healed and restored into a place of perfect love, balance, and understanding.