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New Earth Consciousness Is Ready to Emerge

New Earth Consciousness Is Ready to Emerge Aeyaz-Amma through Laura Pieratt

Cleaving away the dross has left the world of humanity ready to emerge into a new space. Humanity is on the threshold of a very new reality indeed. Be still. Feel this new space. Tune into it deeply. Feel the freedom it affords you. Discover the deeper truths it holds for you. Let the energy of this new space imprint on you as a safe, happy, benevolent place of love, joy, peace, and prosperity for all. Let it seep into your very bones as the possibility you have been waiting for because you felt it calling you forth from deep within your core. You listened well. You took action, you released what had to go, and now you are here. Congratulations!

Enjoy the feeling of this new space of being even if it is still quite subtle. As you go through your days, be like an animal in the wild that stops from time to time, raises its head, and uses all its senses to tune into its surroundings for clues it cannot yet see. It lives in the present, relying on its instincts and its community for survival, and it has learned to trust them. Shift your consciousness back to your higher awareness by slowing down, breathing deeply, and tuning into your heart’s knowing as you move through a moment. You may notice your stress dissipates as time seems to stretch.

Develop your instincts, intuition, and inner guidance. Trust these natural gifts by testing them in small matters to build confidence you can rely on for larger concerns. Habitual responses lose their effectiveness when you live in the now without the past to serve as a reference point. Fifth-dimensional quantum living (now) is replacing third-dimensional linearity (time), so you will need to get used to living in the present and trusting yourself to re-source from within All That Is. Like hitting a reset button, take frequent breaks in your day to recalibrate your consciousness by directing your attention away from the 3D world of survival-based activity to sink into this new, higher reality — a centered space of balanced potential for an evolving humanity.