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Lemuria Lives Within

Lemuria Lives Within Mother Ulura through Karinna Nielsen

This past month, I asked for guidance about the challenging energies that many — including myself — have felt recently as we move further into the great shift in consciousness. A Lemurian guardian of Goddess light and great love offered a response for all of us, including a beautiful meditation.

In the love of Goddess light, I greet you humbly and offer a message of love. First, allow me to say that the Goddess light, the love of creation, is weaving with everyone on the Earth plane. Even though you may feel challenges along the lines of fear, worry, or anger, please know that you are held in love.

Many feeling challenges now are returning Lemurians who have come bac for this great shift in consciousness. Perhaps you are a returning Lemurian. The Lemurians lived in an ancient society that existed 40,000–50,000 years ago on a huge continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They experienced a great shift each time they evolved from one level of consciousness to the next — from the third to the fourth to the fifth dimension.