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Balance Yin and Yang

Balance Yin and Yang Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Often we are asked, “Why is the world so unbalanced? Why does it seem that certain humans are of the highest spiritual nature and others appear to be exactly the opposite, more animalistic or self-serving?” These questions show marvelous awareness on the part of the questioner. This awareness is the beginning of a path of wisdom and enlightenment that many would do well to follow. It can be a convoluted path, true, but this should not deter the spiritual seeker. We in the spirit realm also find ourselves pondering the nature of the family human.

In the realm of spiritual existence, we strive to operate from a balanced yin and yang energy. The vital nature of the universe is more easily balanced when out of the influence of gravity. Those personalities you call guides and angels are beings of a higher vibrational existence, but they are still operating near Earth and the solar system. They too are affected by gravity, though not nearly to the extent that you are while incarnate in the physical realms.

Vibrational existence is more of a spectrum, or a varied field of energetic reality. Imagine a prism refracting white light into many colors, or a rainbow. There is a definite place that one may call blue or green, but prior to attaining that determination, there is a shade lighter or darker of the primary designation and on close examination, no clear delineation from one color to the next. It is likewise in existence; hence, we use the phrase, “As above, so below.” There may appear to be a sharp division between life on Earth and life off the planet, but that is more a manufactured perception of reality than truth.