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Predictions of the New Earth

Predictions of the New Earth Archangel Raphael through Deborah Morrison

Dearest ones, I tell you with deepest love that I am with you always. You wish to know what will be going on in the year 2019. Some of humanity will be at the forefront — the lightworkers, the way-showers, and the ones who light the way. Who are they? They are you — you who carry the lanterns and candles of light and wisdom, to light the way for all of humanity with the starlight brilliance of your awakening consciousness. It is you, dearest ones, who are reading this message, for you are guided intuitively, and here you are. There are more bright beings in humanity who are your kindred spirits. You will know one another and recognize one another more often now, as you see with the light of your soul. This seeing is through your ever more awakened consciousness and with your spiritual eyes.

In 2019 you will experience the heightened vibration and frequency of the New Earth. Your awakening consciousness is a signal to your entire being and to the Universe that you are ready for a reunion with your soul family and soul circles, and the Divine responds lovingly to your new higher frequencies with this gift of connection. This will be the most important new change and new happening for 2019. The feeling is joyful and a long awaited reunion of familiarity. This will be a family reunion and homecoming in its truest sense. You have waited a long time for this high frequency re-alignment of souls.

You will also see more of humanity living with a consciousness of love and knowing they are love. This high vibration frequency of consciousness is the love frequency. With this love frequency the natural energetic flow is toward more love relationships connecting on the basis of the soul family, soul mate, and twin flame bonds. Twin flame souls are coming together more often now on the New Earth, in dimensions beyond, and also between the New Earth and other dimensions (even if both souls are incarnated in different dimensions). This twin flame reunion is a natural energetic flow to the rhythm divine. This is what is most lovely and beautiful about the new energies in 2019. It’s just beginning, and the momentum will become enhanced. Consciously set your intent with an open mind and heart to see the beauty on your journey of light and love. Enjoy the dance for it is love at its finest.