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Honor the Seasonal Shift

Honor the Seasonal Shift Jenine Beecher

Winter solstice is an opportunity to match the tempo of nature and to slow down. This is an opportunity to explore our spirits’ shadow side and invite healing opportunities, as this powerful internal shift can be taxing on our bodies. I consulted with herbalist Cherise Atkinson, founder of Bright Green Possibilities, for some resources to help nourish the body through this energetic shift.

Lighten Up the Winter Blues

Despair, loneliness, fear of the lack of light, and not being able to focus can all occur when we do not attend to the body’s needs properly. Instead, nourish the body and spirit. Dress warm, eat mineral-rich foods, light candles, or build a safe fire in a woodstove, fireplace, or outdoor pit. Also, engage in intimacy. This will elevate your mood and help you cozy into the season.

Spending time indoors? Take advantage of tasks that stimulate mental wellness. Seek activities that induce creativity, motion, and problem solving. Some great examples are doing handicrafts, playing music or games, and storytelling — really, anything that wards off lethargy and induces motion.