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Curiosity and the Future, Oh My!

Curiosity and the Future, Oh My! A Babylonian Scribe through Susan Sampson

I sit amid the wants and desires of what is to be and the vast history of what was. Both exist in the now, but that discussion is for another time. I am a scribe of curiosity who has read the ancient texts and sees the cycle of humanity on Earth. Ancient civilizations have graced this planet, which is older than your scientists assume. There were advanced civilizations with technologies based on subtle energies that allowed abundance and connection with the planet that was only hinted at even in my age. Now this insight is important in this age — the grand unfolding of the twenty-first century.

Subtle energy will lead you into the future of abundance in which the research will not only look outward but into Earth and all that exists on it. Only a few machines are designed to detect subtle energies. These machines are unable to manipulate energy. Energy will be discovered that can be woven and designed to accomplish everyday things such as constructing homes, moving grand objects, and growing large fruits and vegetables.

Research into subtle energies and how to use them will cause an explosion of knowledge. That is when the knowledge available on Earth will triple. New inventions will give you the ability to see into that which is dense, travel by forces that pull or push space travelers, and (for this channel) date rocks. She is most curious about that.