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The True Male Archetype Awakens

The True Male Archetype Awakens The Collective through Matthew Russell LaBarre

The true intuitive male energy will powerfully awaken this coming year. It has already begun. The first to awaken will be those who have suppressed their intuitive nature because it is not rational or has been considered feminine. Many of these people did not suppress these impulses consciously, but the suppression was built into the pseudo-male archetypal energy that has been in power for centuries. This is an archetype of domination and control.

This intuitive energy is awakening now. The advent of technology and a physical and somewhat nonphysical connection to all beings has propelled this natural intuition. Essentially, computer and internet technology is similar to this natural male archetypal function. Technology has reminded man of this, and it is now awakening.


It seems that history has been dominated by male energy, and now there should be emphasis on feminine energy. While this has been talked about, it has not been widely understood. The feminine energy has been rising in response to the dominating male energy, which is not its true expression. We are now seeing the hidden male aspect emerge, and this will allow the feminine aspect that has been suppressed to take her place to stabilize as a leading force of the world.