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The Year of Spiritual Encounters

The Year of Spiritual Encounters Damon through Kenneth Drake

For you, our beloveds, will come a season of great change, the likes of which you cannot yet comprehend. This season will be the beginning of a great manifestation of our world with yours — a time when, truly, the world of spirit will overshadow the world of flesh as never before. We have always desired to work with you. It will now be so.

— Damon

As you approach, within your world of linear time, the heralding of a brand-new year, we feel compelled to speak to you of the many shifts that are even now beginning to come into full effect for you. You have heard us say that we will visit you, that a time of great visitation would come to pass. Well, 2019 signals this visitation.

You have been expecting this time for so very long, as even now we see within your world a great sense of anticipation. Many among you have asked, “Will it always be this way? Will the world of spirit continue to seem so far off?”