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Probable Futures through 2019 and Beyond

Probable Futures through 2019 and Beyond Seth through Mark Allen Frost

The awakening of humanity is becoming increasingly recognizable to you in your now moment. You are creating this awakening with your thoughts. These thoughts instantaneously give rise to reality constructs in the moment of perception via the portal between your eyes; therefore, you are advised to continue to be a conscientious steward of your thought content projections.

The negative media that supports the negative leaders and their accomplices are being transformed at this time. They are being found out for what they are by the average citizen. Now, these are commercial enterprises, so they will stubbornly resist for some time, but they will then surrender to the inevitable and begin to report the truth rather than propaganda. Additionally, citizen media collectives will become popular as sources of authentic news stories and other information.

This awakening, this renewal, sees the faults and foibles of the rich and powerful displayed for all to see. On a personal level, average citizens also recognize their own issues of shame and fear that come up to be healed. Denial and intellectualization are avoided, and courageous loving rules the day. This is the way to heal the past.