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Shine the Divine Spark within You

Shine the Divine Spark within You Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

What is identity? Identity evokes, invokes, and provokes an awareness of form in motion. Identity is strength to do a craft, to do artistry, and to do service in a field of particles in motion. Motion is eternal. The gift of motion allows movement to be seen in you. I come here to celebrate with the identity of all of you connecting to the depth of clarity that cocreating with Spirit is. You are all here to be clear in your movement, for as you move, the action expresses your highest priority.

Movement is a celebration of all of you. No matter how you are perceived, identified, or judged, you are moving. Your movement is always toward love and light. When you speak of wrongs or failures, this is a movement toward love and light. To understand a step that you have taken is to understand your priority of moving in love or in fear. Each step is an accumulation in you to create that movement and that identity. You came knowing the identities of this time that could be put casually or strategically on you or appointed to you. You came to work in and move in certain identities of your time, to feel movement in a way of creating separation in space, or to have movement be your extension of love.

No identity your world gives you is your truth. You have put it on to help evolve your vocabulary of each other. Words are in motion. They move your structure of beingness. A word from one century to another evolves or is lost. These structures of you that identify your landscape change because you, dear ones, are always moving. Your momentum is to clearly create identities of beauty, integrity, and openness and to celebrate the God principle of oneness, shaping your vocabulary to also judge in duality the game of separation. Your world feels safe to identify with and belong in, and you can put on an identity and participate in conversations with those around you. It is more fun to be part of a group than to be left behind, for together, movement is greater, the extension is fuller, and the light feels bigger.