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Everyone Must Have a Say

Everyone Must Have a Say The Peacemakers through Robin Baldock & Greg Branson

When we look into your world from outside time, we see that the future attracts streams of consciousness drawn from many sources. There are certainly new impulses coming through from the Godhead, but we notice many emanating from former times. These sweep and weave, falter and subside, then burst out again in new and often contradictory forms. Rays overlap and intermingle and cannot easily be contained in the fixed frames of reference that you call years. 

Many intentions are being developed and expressed today, but we can never be completely sure which will take precedence or which are backed by a much deeper truth because sometimes this is rightly obscured from our inquisitive view. What point is there in knowing everything? While it is true that there is now a new band of consciousness fully installed around Earth that you call Aquarian and this is beginning to flow into your world to help you become more effectively human, you must realize that this has to be reached out to, engaged with, and then accepted. It cannot be a passive contact. You have to meet these new energies halfway.

From that position, ideas will spread into pockets of consensus before becoming widely accepted. Only then can this understanding be grounded and become a fully realized and lasting expression of God’s will for coming times. Many voices are heard trying to assert their interpretation of what needs to be done. While some of these accurately represent deeper layers of truth, others come from people in denial, and their voices are very often the loudest, drowning out more sensible opinions and diverting these rays in distorted forms into inappropriate actions.