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Healing with Quartz Crystals

Healing with Quartz Crystals Deborah Morrison

Ultimately you are just consciousness itself. When you effortlessly and continuously dwell in and act from this consciousness you will be able to work perfectly with quartz crystals ... or anything.

— Silbey (51)

Quartz crystals are formed from magma or fiery gases of the earth’s interior. They are also formed in the volcanic lava streams that reach the earth’s surface. The molten material solidifies as it cools, and the atoms group together to form the shape and composition of the crystal (Raphaell, 45).

Calcite crystals form from water solutions or grow near the earth’s surface with the help of other organisms. These crystals are known as sedimentary minerals. Air, water, wind, and ice are the erosion factors that dissolve the earth’s materials that occasionally crystallize and form calcite (Raphaell, 4).

No one knows for sure how long it takes most crystals to form. Some think it takes thousands of years. Others say that when the elements are right, crystals could form in an instant (Raphaell, 5).