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Healing the Feminine and Masculine Difference

Healing the Feminine and Masculine Difference Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I recently heard the difference between the feminine and the masculine described this way: The feminine is afraid of abandonment, and the masculine craves freedom. Is there a way to heal this or to bring it to union?

I thank you for your question. The highest understanding of the masculine and the feminine is that the masculine is the force of pure consciousness, that which transcends all that is arising. This is the ultimate freedom and is so important. This is the masculine form of God. It’s a connection to pure consciousness. The highest form of the feminine is the vibratory energy of manifestation. The feminine is consciousness made manifest, consciousness in form. Everything arising is the feminine. Your entire world is the feminine in many ways, yet at the same time, it is nothing but consciousness.

The masculine and the feminine can never be disassociated from each other. They can never be apart from each other. It is only in your separation that you relate to them as different, as separate. They are always in union. They are two different aspects of the same oneness, completely loving each other. To your mind, in the third dimension, they seem like opposites. The force of transcendence and the force of manifestation seem like two opposite forces. But this is simply a reflection of your mind. It is a reflection of your state of consciousness.

It is not that you are wrong. It is not that you are bad. To assume this kind of duality is a characteristic of the third dimension. Assuming the position of the masculine and feminine as being in opposition is one of the fundamental dualities of your dimension.