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Grow in the Brightest Way during Earth Changes

Grow in the Brightest Way during Earth Changes Mother of Light, Shockara Starbeings, Mahatma Gandhi, and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, I hold you lovingly in the palms of my hands, supporting you and leading you to fulfill your heartfelt destiny. Your sound, healthy heartbeats resound in my sensitive ears. Your very energy and being are part of my own universal life force. You are, indeed, sacred offspring of Spirit. I cherish you as you move further into spring and bring forth the energies and abundance you are so capable of. Like the exuberant branches of the blessed trees sprouting with renewed green life, you too are on the verge of bursting forth in delicious capacity. Stay firmly rooted in Mother Earth like your tree siblings.

As I flow through the universal channels of the cosmos in both darkness and light, I can clearly see that you are all growing in the brightest way and direction. Your attunement and commitment to the sacred energy are beautifully visible to my spiritual eye. I adore how you honor and care for your temple and being.

Wolf and Jaguar energies are being regenerated and reestablished once again in the Western world. They will help propel you into seeing and understanding with greater scope and vision from the celestial realms. Many of you will grow in touch with your numerous past lives connected to the Buddha and the Himalayas. You will now be required to see behind you, fully in your presence. Some disruptive energy wants to come forth to interfere with your earnest, steadfast development. Do not give any of your energy to this negativity that wants to suck life force out of you like a vampire.