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Examine Your Karmic Heart

Examine Your Karmic Heart Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Greetings, these are challenging times for many. To find focus at this time has become a challenge for most because of the general imbalance occurring through all levels of human experience. Life has become a balancing act that requires focus. This is harder to do now. More so, perhaps, than at any time in human evolution on this planet. This time has echoes of other moments of great turbulence and extraordinary imbalance where everything is disconnected from its central purpose, set loose, and chaotic — a state of collapse you can say.

Historically speaking, this has happened many times. Before human beings became walkers upon this plane, there have always been times of utter and absolute disruption. As we have said before, the universe has chaotic negative energies that disrupt and move the purpose away — the purpose to create, grow, and achieve balance of creation in whatever sphere.

We have said there are spheres beyond this Earth plane that have been disrupted by waves of negative energy where it has taken many years for balance to be restored. This beautiful planet Earth — that allows so many species to come to visit, learn, and heal — is going through such a time. It’s push and pull for every individual, the elemental kingdom, and the animal kingdom — push, pull. It is difficult to stay centered and grounded.