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You Are a Living Romance Divine

You Are a Living Romance Divine The Center of A through Deborah Morrison

Consciousness is enjoying a quantum expansion into the center of your heart center! Do you know where this is? Look within, deep into the center of your heart chakra. Here, deep within, you find the eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and “pointless” point where human meets the Divine.

Why “pointless,” you ask? By nature, this point is ever-present everywhere. It is pointlessness, absolute, and paradoxically the Divine point to it all — the point of you, the point of life, the point to your existence, and the point to growth in your consciousness. The point is pointless, beyond the space-time continuum.

Yet, here you are, for all intents and purposes, standing only in one place at one point in time. Such limited perception! It’s time to live out of the box. Learn to creatively play the limits, edges, boundaries, and structures, for your life is a divine play of consciousness creatively expressing beyond the limits into the everything of all you already are — your natural self — awakening to the “what is” of the heart chakra of the one-and-only sacred you, awakening the heart chakra of the cosmos. This is nothing more or less than the prevailing higher frequencies on Earth! Pointless? That’s the fun of being at this most precious point in time on planet Earth. Laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate, for the one and only you is at the very heart of it all — at the eternal, infinite heart of the cosmos Divine. The Divine calls you ever closer into everlasting loving consciousness.