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Accept Responsibility for Your Part

Accept Responsibility for Your Part Manm through Lynda Little

Lynda: The following is a channeled writing from an entity I refer to as Manm, which is an acronym for “me and not me.”

Manm: You say you want some predictions for the future because it will bring people solace in this time of change. But I say to you: The future is still being written. It is not fixed. In the primordial soup of possibilities, everything exists, and anything is possible.

The future is to be chosen by you, not received. How do you do this choosing? By fashioning yourselves differently. By becoming those people who put love before war, value unity over division, disregard the things of the body — all distractions, pain, and fear — and all baubles thrown up by the ego to distract them from their paths. You fashion the truth from within. “As within, so without,” said Hermes Trismegistus.