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Just Live

Just Live Grandmother Naylin Lage through Maria Yraceburu

You are given intuition in life to make choices, shape your future, and resolve problems. It’s time to take responsibility for your magnificence as cocreators of your reality. You can see what you dream of creating beginning to happen. Be open to the possibilities to raise the bar on conscious awareness as a physical understanding.

Walk away from preconceived notions, and make your dreams come true through your nature. The future is not a repetition of the past. Dare to be different. When you envision how life can be by not being attached, it will create new context for that life.

In general, you flourish when you are valued. Clearly, certain lifestyles and experiences facilitate nourishment for you. Life needs connection and compassion to take shape as a creative endeavor. Earth’s changing energies enhance the life you dream of. History has proven that Earth always seems to come of her own accord. Efforts in harmonic alignment occur spontaneously.