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A Brighter Colloquium

A Brighter Colloquium St. Germain through Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon: St. Germain foresees happiness and balance, highlighting lives of those treading a new path for social behavior to bring their minds an amplified projection.

St. Germain: We will see a focus on sober night clubs, discursive poetry, unconventional theatrical ensembles, and new hobbies. Hate and anger, starved of energy, won’t thrive. Fun, excitement, and love are the waves this generation rides.

Align with colors, words, optics, and shows that open stories of joy. Art will be all the world needs to heal. People of all races bind together to make new experiences that combine music, art, audience, digital social media, and third-world countries, promoting women’s empowerment, family planning, and equal pay for all — shedding shame and uplifting the hearts that feel they were a part of the problem.