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You Can’t Get Here from There

You Can’t Get Here from There The Divine through Sara Wiseman

Do you want to live from your soul in freedom as who you really are? You can’t get here from there. You can’t get to now — to being or consciousness — from the path that society has mapped for you. That map won’t take you here. When you march purposefully forward on society’s map given to you by family, culture, and group thought, this path doesn’t take you to your true destination. You can strive along this prescribed path all you like, but it won’t take you where you really want to go. It’s all just hurrying up to go nowhere.

You’re here to walk your own path. When you walk your own path in your own way without regard for what society thinks and follow the nudges of the universe, it leads you ever further on your tantalizing path of self-discovery. You arrive as soon as you begin. You hurry slowly. You notice everything. You experience it all. This is all we’re here for. There’s nowhere else we need to go. You relax, breathe, and look around you. You have arrived.

What about your goals, lists, and dreams? Have those if you want. But checking off achievements will never mean as much as the true experience of being here now and enjoying what is. For a while, you might find it important to check off even more items on your bucket list as if achievements and running around the globe doing this and that will make you feel better, stronger, and happier. In reality, the presence of attention you bring to your life is what makes you feel better.