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Resurrect Your Divine Nature

Kira Raa

April comes with its unique energy as the soul mirror of March. This is the month to fully resurrect your divine nature and celebrate and know that you are one: the sacred union of your divine soul and the physical form that offers it the gift of divine expression.

Connect with Your Shadow

Lynn Buess

The vibration of the month centers on issues of the human race and its aspiration for perfection, universal peace, prosperity for all, utopian urges, and the spirit of cooperation.

Break Old Patterns

Donna Taylor

The other day, I had a bit of a meltdown. Well, it was quite a big meltdown. I was rebelling against the amount of time my son had to spend in front of a computer doing online schoolwork coupled with the amount of time he spent playing computer games.

Go Beyond Boundaries

Michelle Karén

Pluto remains retrograde until October 6, 2021 (26°48' Capricorn). Its shadow period continues until January 26, 2022.

The Shifting Destiny of Earth

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for the month of May 2021 open with the Moon in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer, signaling a challenge of balancing the aspects of home, hearth, and love with building, success, and greed.

A Matter of Will

Lynn Buess

The vibration of the month has a lot to do with will, willfulness, independence, self-expression, ego expression, and divine will, to mention a few. “Will” can include national will, social will, institutional will, and the will of the people.

Say Yes to Your Divine Flow

Kira Raa

The continuity of infinite creation is expanding. This is the moment to say yes to your ever-present divine flow. Your infinite power of creation is rising and supported by the universe. This is the moment to claim greater empowerment as your clarity resurrects.

The Uranus-Saturn Square Pushes Us Outside the Box

Donna Taylor

June begins with Mercury retrograde, which straight away tells us that this isn’t going to be a normal month. At the very least, if we try to maintain our usual ways of doing things, we could be shown that things will not work very well for us.

Evaluate Your Purpose

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

June begins with Mercury retrograde in Gemini opposing the Galactic Center, which signals a time when many beings with much information, wisdom, and truth will be traversing upon the cosmic highway in regard to tandem lifetimes and alternate timelines.

There’s No Place Like Home

Donna Taylor

As we stand at the midpoint of the year, we might wish to take a moment to reflect on all that has been and where we currently find ourselves. The astrology of July will give us the opportunity to do this.


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