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Emotions Will Run High

Lynn Buess

The overall interaction of human, planetary, systemic, and galactic cycles and events will stir up highly volatile emotions among the masses. It is sort of like an outgoing tide that sweeps away debris and unstable and unattached materials.

Don’t Resist the Current of Life

Donna Taylor

It’s as though there are two separate realities running concurrently in March. Quantum physics tells us that there are myriad realities operating simultaneously.

Eclipses Usher Major Changes

Michelle Karen

Venus turns retrograde on March 4 between 13°09’ and 1°18’ Aries until April 15. Its shadow period remains until May 18. This is a good time to reevaluate all our relationships. People reveal their true colors.

The Changing Times Ahead

Lynn Buess

March provides clues about the economic direction and condition that is to come (or is already here and unspoken). Bitcoin takes a big leap in global acceptance and potential value. The U.S. dollar is due for a further noticeable decline. Expect bank crashes and takeovers.

Empower the Full Expression of Change

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for March 2017 truly come in like a lion, as the Tefnut Cat Beings share innovative visions of expansion, change, and new directions throughout the whole world.

Focus on Self-Worth

Donna Taylor

Love is a many-splendored thing; however, it might not feel that way in April. The planet of love and beauty, Venus, takes a double hit as she moves backward through the heavens and squares up to serious Saturn for much of the month. It’s as if there’s something she forgot.

Breaking Change

Lynn Buess

It seems that every new leader starts a regime with promises of change. Well, by choice or chance, this is a time of pronounced change. Will it be one of mayhem or amen?

New Ideas Renew Your Beliefs

Michelle Karen

Mercury turns retrograde on April 9 until May 3 (4°47’ Taurus–24°17’ Aries). Its shadow period remains until May 21. Our values about money, abundance, and comfort could shift dramatically during this period.

Expect Change in Power

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

For the first few days of April 2017, Venus is in retrograde motion in late Aries and moves into Pisces on April 4 until April 14, 2017, before going direct.

Remain Positive about Current Events

Gaia and Theo
Tom T. Moore

Here are some predictions given to me by Gaia and my guardian angel, Theo, as a follow-up to those in the January issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence. These questions were sent to me from all over the world and are on a wide variety of subjects.


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