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Proceed Carefully and Cautiously

Donna Taylor

We begin October with the need to proceed very carefully and cautiously. This might be easier said than done, as we could be tempted to push aggressively through whatever impedes or thwarts our progress.

Profound Opportunities for Transformation

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for October 2020 open with the first of two full moons, setting the stage for profound opportunities of death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and major transformational shifts. Pathways are created in directions many members of the human kingdom were unaware are choices.

Follow the Hero’s Journey

Michelle Karen

Five planets out of ten are still retrograde this month: Mercury (October 10 to November 2), Pluto (until October 3), Mars (until November 13), Neptune (until November 28), and Uranus (until January 13). Many situations could revert to previous conditions.

Experience as Visionary Transformation

Kira Raa

The flow of energy for October 2020 is a return to the flow that began in March and April 2020. This is incredibly power-filled.

Sex, Lies, and Alibis

Lynn Buess

This is a 5 universal month, and events this month will provide some revealing clues as to what to expect next year. Five is the number of man and experience, for better or worse, and you will see some of each: humankind at its best and worst.

An Early Peek at 2021

Elizabeth Joyce

The year 2020 has been amazing, and the planet is getting ready for a very powerful 2021. Instead of looking at the negativity that’s been going on, I want to explore the purging and preparation for what lies ahead. Get ready for amazing changes and a forceful and life-changing 2021.

A Testing Month

Donna Taylor

Although we might all be hoping for easier times, if the planetary lineup is anything to go by, we’re not out of the woods yet. September looks like another volatile month during which it will take a lot of self-restraint and mindfulness to keep our composure.

The End of Innocence and Beginning of Mastery

Michelle Karen

Saturn remains in Capricorn this whole month until December 16. This is the last period of Saturn in its own sign. On December 17, Saturn will reenter Aquarius for good until March 8, 2023.

New Paths Empower Your Life and World

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Much of September is about seeking ways to restructure, reorder, and reorganize life and the world so that it aligns with what is believed, professed, and promised. This is in the wisest and best interest of all beings.

Revelations from the Ancient Practice of Ascended Numerology

Kira Raa

As a miracle in action, you are the living embodiment of ascended numerology. This ancient system was practiced by the Essene brethren and the mystical Magi.


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