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Mastery, Truth, Revelation, and Wholeness

Kira Raa

The ascended numerology for January initiates the cycle that is 2021. The number 2021 is the energy of 5 plus the infinite — the eternal life that pulses through you, coming forward with ever-greater clarity and presence.

Manage the Small Things

Lynn Buess

January starts the year with immense emotional uncertainly and more social instability than ever. The U.S. national election created an unsettled mood across the nation. This month is about responsibility and care in a possibly chaotic and more disturbed world.

A Time of Rough and Tumbles Breaks Way to Fresh Prospects in November

Donna Taylor

With all that is going on in the world, it would be easy to overlook our personal situations, perhaps neglect certain areas of our lives, such as our relationships or our need for creative expression or spiritual connection.

Realign with Truth and Destiny in November

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Mercury continues retrograde in late Libra from November 1 through November 3, as it moves into a stationary position in preparation for forward motion on November 4.

Re-establish Balance

Kevin Raphael Fitch

Extraordinary events condition the collective behavior of communities, states, nations, and the world, sometimes causing radical reorientation of those groups for a cycle.

Twists and Revelations in November

Michelle Karen

Uranus remains retrograde all November until January 12, 2021. Its shadow period lasts until May 1, 2021.

I Ching Predictions for the Changes Ahead

Nori Muster

Similar to last year, we still face global warming, and we have wasted another four years ignoring science. We’re also in a pandemic that continues to take lives. Along with climate change and the pandemic, we’ve suffered through storms of propaganda and lies.

The Year of Critical Choice

Elizabeth Joyce

Hello, and happy New Year from Mentor and the higher realms. Have faith that we have your back, lightworker. We love and support you as you walk a most-difficult path this next decade. Take our hands, sit, and draw in this powerful energy for your upliftment and freedom.

Mirrored Months Invite Growth Mastery

Kira Raa

Ascended numerology works with all principles of nature in harmonic combination with sacred geometry and an ancient form of arithmancy (a system that assigns numerical values to letters).

The Truth Will Emerge

Lynn Buess

The end of the year is traditionally called the holiday season, with religious and social celebrations. We give thanks for the good things in our lives, and we pray that good will prevail. We ask for protection from those who might take that goodness away.


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