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A Milestone in Evolution

Lynn Buess

This year is a milestone in the evolution of humanity, and it can be challenging to accurately read the signs of evolution taking place. As many forces act, interact, and react on the planetary stage, it is unclear who is doing what, for whom, and why.

The Dynamic Numerology of 2020: How Do You Want to Ride It?

Ken Robinson

The universe is pouring energy our way like a mighty river. This subtle energy that affects our chakras and can only be perceived with our psychic senses is amping up and growing daily. Prepare to ride the rapids!

Discomfort Signals a Need for Change

Donna Taylor

There is a powerful, galvanizing force behind April’s planetary configurations. The Sun journeys through the sign of Aries, Saturn joins the powerhouse Mars in Aquarius, Uranus squares Saturn and Mars, and Jupiter and Pluto square the Sun. And this is just in the first week!

Your Soul-Heart Journey Progress

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

April 2020 is an ideal time for bringing new ideas, plans, and desires into the physical 3D expression through the portals opened by heart-oriented desire.

See What You Want as Already Happened

Michelle Karen

Pluto turns retrograde on Saturday, April 25 at 11:54am>, and it will remain so until October 3. Its shadow period lasts until January 26, 2021.

Empower Your Life in the Year of the Rat

Various Beings
Rae Chandran

Rae: In today’s message, we will talk about unknown energies in Chinese zodiac astrology. Master Buddha said that everything contains known and unknown energy. Please keep an open mind as you read this new perspective.

Get Back to the Basics

Lynn Buess

National and international economies have long been unstable, manipulated, and troubled. That becomes more obvious at this time, as there are serious issues, probable regional collapses, and a global realization of the need for major reform.

2020 Numerology: Relationship Magic

Ken Robinson

What can 2020 be for you? In this year’s numerology, the power of 2 and 0 signify the enormous potential for profound healing for yourself and your relationships. The magic and sweetness in these numbers can help you dance in delight through the year.

Embrace Mercury’s Glitches

Donna Taylor

As the pace of life gets faster, how do we cope with Mercury retrograde, that once-every-three-month anomaly where the planet of communication, commerce, and travel turns on its heels, often resulting in mayhem on planet Earth?

The Power of Truth Rises

Lynn Buess

The universal year 4 is one of rebuilding and reconstruction. In this case, the planetary system is not working. Before an improved foundation can be established, expect upheaval and instability to continue and increase.


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