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Get Real and Dig Deep

Cal Garrison

Welcome to the month of July. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. Behind all the light, life, and warmth, we are moving through a precarious stretch of the yearly cycle.

Magic Abounds in Our Hearts When We Follow Inspiration

Michelle Karén

Saturn remains retrograde this whole month until November 3. Its shadow period remains until February 8, 2024.

The Spirit-Fire Initiation Fully Commences

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

July 2023 opens with a grand water trine between the Moon’s south node in Scorpio, Saturn in Pisces, and the Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer, signaling a time of searching for more depth in all interactions in ways that support, encourage, and empower.

Change Brings a Sense of Victory

Donna Taylor

Between March and June 2023, we got a taste of what Pluto in Aquarius will bring.

Release Unnecessary Burdens

Susan Owens

If you are in a 1 personal year, July is an 8 month. This is your money month. Money will flow in and out more than usual, so watch your finances. The number 8 relates to self-mastery and authority, and your authority will likely be tested this month.

You Can Create Miracles

Kira Raa

We are here for July 2023, as together we breathed through the June 2023 moment of divine awareness. The massive energies’ gratitude poured forth for all. June is the only month in 2023 that carried the infinite presence.

Hold Darkness Up to the Light

Cal Garrison

Fueled by the blessings that fell out of the sky during last month’s Wesak celebrations, June invites us to the wedding of light and dark and ushers us down the aisle to the midsummer cross-quarter.

That Easy, Peaceful Feeling

Tracie Bickford

May 28–June 3: Presentation is everything in a message you attempt to deliver. Calm and deliberate words will get you further than demanding that others accept your beliefs.

Humanity Faces a Time of Destiny

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

June 2023 opens with a grand square in the four fixed signs: Taurus (with Jupiter and the Moon’s north node), Leo (with Lilith and Mars), Scorpio (with the Moon and its south node), and Aquarius (with Pluto).

Dream a New World into Being

Michelle Karén

Pluto remains retrograde this month until October 10 (27°54' Capricorn). Its shadow period ends on February 1, 2024. Pluto reenters Capricorn on Sunday, June 11 until January 20, 2024.


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