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The Transformed Master Rises

Kira Raa

Welcome to living the law of instantaneous manifestation. Walking our first collective steps of the newly unified moment within this potentiality, the fully embodied and alchemically transformed master consciously rises.

Creativity Exists within Chaos

Donna Taylor

Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation. We blame it for everything that goes wrong even though things go wrong when Mercury isn’t retrograde.

Virgo’s Descent into Matter

Cal Garrison

The Sun changes signs anywhere between the eighteenth and twenty-fourth of each month. That date is not consistent, fluctuating from month to month and year to year. This year, the Sun entered Virgo on August 23.

Portals of Opportunity

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September 2023 opens with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, Venus retrograde in Leo, Uranus retrograde in Taurus, Neptune and Saturn retrograde in Pisces, and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, signaling a time of reevaluation.

The Nodal Axis Shift into Aries

Elizabeth Joyce

The north node is the most important celestial point in the astrological chart because it represents where we are going; in other words, it is our future. The nodes have been in Taurus and Scorpio for the past eighteen months and have focused on land, real estate, finances, and our values.

Follow Your Inner Wisdom

Michelle Karén

The degrees covered in September (3°29'–1°32' Pisces) are represented in the Sabian symbols by “heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts,” “petrified tree trunks lying broken on desert sand,” and “a squirrel hiding from hunters.” We are invited to reevaluate our goals an

Ascension Consciousness Lifts You and the World

Mother Mary
Donna Ferri

Donna: The autumnal equinox often mitigates or amplifies astrological portents. This year, the equinox falls on September 23, and the Sun’s total eclipse takes place on October 14.

A Month of Double Energy

Susan Owens

If you are in a 1 personal year, September is a 1 month. September is the only month that always mirrors the personal year, which means you have double the 1 energy this month. New beginnings are paramount, and it is time to set a new agenda.

The Bridge of Potentiality Ignites

Kira Raa

Within the still center of perfect balance, the universe has turned up its voice. You are being actively invited to join the choir of ascended divine mastery presence with informed awareness. What does all that mean, and what is the bridge of potentiality?

Break Old Patterns

Donna Taylor

While many people are familiar with Mercury retrograde and its associated travel and communication glitches, much less attention is given to Venus retrograde, probably because it happens only once every eighteen months compared to Mercury’s three times a year.


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