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Let Discernment Be Your Friend

Lynn Buess

This year is about caring, health, and responsibility for the self and others. Lightworkers long for harmonious living among humanity and all forms of life on the planet and off. There will be many clues as to the turn of events coming soon and the year ahead.

Claim Your Divine Mastery through Service

Kira Raa

October 2022 = 7 Prime + Infinite The Master’s Opened Eye Ignites Service as Prime

From the Essene Brethren

Attune to a More Spiritual State of Being

Donna Taylor

Astrology is a system of cycles within cycles. From the shortest cycles, such as the Moon’s twenty-eight day cycle and Mercury retrograde, to the longest cycles of the astrological ages, the movements of the planets reveal the greater, or higher, plan.

A New Reality Emerges

Michelle Karén

Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, September 9 at 8:38pm until October 2, from 8°55' Libra to 24°41' Virgo. Its shadow period remains until October 17.

Change Is the Order of the Day

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

In September 2022, the Uranus retrograde in Taurus that began on August 24 continues, picking up momentum with Uranus conjunct the Taurus point of avatar, which facilitates change.

Trust in Your Divine Mastery Presence

Kira Raa

September’s energy is rare, unique, and stunning! Humanity has arrived, and there are simply not enough adjectives to share the potential this month holds.

A Touch of Spiritual Awakening

Lynn Buess

September shapes up numerologically as a month for another potential planetary-changing event. It is a month of mystery, probable catastrophe, and anomaly. Hidden criminals who are about to be discovered will take desperate measures to avoid being caught.

Work in Harmony with the Energies

Donna Taylor

We often associate August with the long, lazy days of summer, which is a time to relax and mooch about a bit, but it might not be easy to feel languid this August, as the energies are for the most part either dynamic or abrasive.

Accept the Cosmic Flow of Change

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

A cosmic bell will sound on August 1, 2022, signaling the powerful culmination of energies that will activate the descent of the Divine Feminine powers of intuition, community, life affirmation, and love into all within the cosmos regardless of gender orientation on this ancient celebration day o

Sustain Your Truth

Kira Raa

August 2022 is a month that can quickly and easily take your breath away for all too many reasons. What is most notable is that we will all return to where we began.


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