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Turning Points

Michelle Karén

A solar eclipse occurs on Wednesday, April 19 at 9:13pm (29°50' Aries). This degree is represented in the Sabian symbols by “a duck pond and its brood.” Eclipses are always turning points.

April Horoscopes

Tracie Bickford

April 2–8: The Moon is asking for balance this week when she shines full on Wednesday. Your competitive sun-fire energy can make this a bit difficult for you.

Relax into Your Body

Kira Raa

April 2023 seems to mirror March, as the initial sums appear to be equal, but this is where the similarity ends. April is a uniquely fascinating journey of experience.

Prepare for Change

Susan Owens

If you are in a 1 personal year, April is a 5 month, which means change is coming. In a 1 year, you are setting your intentions for the next nine years, so the change could be in the direction you take.

Pluto Brings Generational Changes

Cal Garrison

In wondering how to approach my first article for the Sedona Journal of Emergence, I started thinking about how close we are to the vernal equinox, and I decided to draw on themes of newness and change.

March Weekly Horoscopes

Tracie Bickford

March 5–11: Your time is coming, Aries. Have you done the work and prepared for what you want, or have you been pining about the past, hoping the big prize will simply drop in your lap? The outcome you seek will only come with the effort you put in.

A Turning Point for Humanity

Michelle Karén

For the second month in a row, no planets are retrograde, which is beyond rare. That makes March a great time to launch new projects without the risk of interferences. In addition, two major sign changes mark a huge, complete turning point for humanity.

Paths Alter in Major Ways

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

March 2023 opens with a grand water trine between the Sun in Pisces, the Moon in Cancer, and the Moon’s south node in Scorpio, signaling a month of dredging up and activating long-past unresolved emotional issues and fears (particularly dealing with death and dying, the mortality of the body, and

Focus and Rejuvenate

Susan Owens

If you are in a 1 personal year, March is a 4 month for you. Four is the number of solid structures (think a table with four legs), so this is your month to organize, restructure, and work hard.

You Are Ready to Soar

Kira Raa

The eye of the storm of 2023 has fully opened to reveal the new alchemies that are forming and stabilizing. The March 2023 full moon arises with the harmony of the alchemies — the perfectly timed reminder of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine unified as the Oneness moment.


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