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Closer to the Sun

mar de luz

Can you recall your elemental self? My father was a pilot during World War II, and he loved to fly. One of my earliest memories is of the mid-1950s when I was four years old, sitting on a swing all afternoon in our backyard in Fresno.

The Results of Constant Pressure

Stephanie Clement

As humans, we have the will and power to control and change the world. Our wisdom comes from a combination of intuition and the equanimity that flows from practical wisdom. Astrologically, we have recently experienced months of pressure from Saturn's approach to square Pluto.

Open Yourself to Opportunity

Michelle Karen

Mercury turns direct on September 12 at 5°26' Virgo. We are thus completing twenty-two days of reviewing our work conditions, health and relationship to pets and coworkers. We are likely to have found different ways of communicating.

Intervention, Interruption, and Redirection

Stephanie Clement

Venus retrogrades this month, an event that will not occur again until May of 2012. After nearing the middle of Scorpio, Venus now retreats all the way back into Libra. When Venus appears to move backward, we have a few days when balance pervades the world.

The Celebration of You

Rhonda Smith

In September (30/3), you end the year you started last October with the energies of celebration and the creative expression of yourself. These can be very restless energies, so part of your process is to learn how to stay centered within the energies of joy.

Renewing Faith and Re-Creating Balance

Stephanie Clement

As we approach the harvest time of year and the autumn balance between day and night, we have a golden opportunity to restore balance in our lives. We have come through some difficult astrological aspects reflected in economic hard times and emotionally trying stress.

Integrate Your Physical And Spiritual Lives

Michelle Karen

Venus turns retrograde on October 8 (until November 17) between 13°13' and 4°19' Scorpio. This event gives us five weeks to re-create passion in our lives. An intense love affair could return from the past, or the flame in an existing relationship could be rekindled.

Ideas to Balance Polarity

Rhonda Smith

October [22] begins the last quarter of this year, which is a time for setting the energies of 2011 [22] [11]. This will have intense underlying energies; however, not as intense as January 2010 with its two master vibrations.

Awakening to True Divinity

Michelle Karen

Venus is retrograde until November 17 between 3°43' Scorpio and 27°40' Libra. This gives us three last weeks to re-create passion in our lives. An intense love affair from the past could return, or the flame in an existing relationship could be rekindled.

Mastering Movement Into the New

Rhonda Smith

November (23/5 [11]) brings a reprise of February's energies—but with underlying master messenger energies that keep you connected to who you are as you raise your consciousness to new levels of acceptance with respect to "expecting the unexpected." Remember that the old paradigm is gone; you are


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