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Discernment Is the Key

Lynn Buess

This is a time to recognize and put aside dogma, rhetoric, and propaganda. The key is discernment. Religious, social, and quasi-political spokespersons have long trained for this moment to stir the polarized masses into a frenzy.

Return Your Focus to Your Passion

Donna Taylor

I have a card on my desk that says, “Let go, and let God.” It reminds me that I cannot control everything. Sometimes things happen that I might not always understand but, given time, I might come to appreciate.

Dream Big, and Set Boundaries

Michelle Karen

How to Read and Use the Following Calendar: This is not the usual Sun sign–based calendar.

Connect All Pieces of the Cosmic Hologram to Evolve the Human Kingdom

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Emotional energies will be heightened throughout June 2016 due to the grand water trine among Vulcanus in Cancer, Mars and Lilith in Scorpio, and Chiron and the Moon’s south node in Pisces.

Spark a Change

Lynn Buess

This month, expect the unexpected in the form of revelations and revolutions. Much information and energy is coming in now from higher dimensions of being. The accelerated energy stimulates everyone and everything.

Pause and Listen for the Big Answer

Donna Taylor

May begins with all but three of the planets in retrograde motion, so as we begin this month, we must do so with a spirit of acceptance and a willingness for life to proceed at its own pace.

Be Alert to Business as Usual from the Powerful Elite

Lynn Buess

This is a moment in history that will be an important barometer of either higher evolution and spiritual uptake or further descent into a dark and disastrous course of action.

The Divine Masculine Energy Portal Is Opening Fully

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Throughout May 2016, many members of the human kingdom will have the sense of being stuck on the bridge between the past and future. The power of the present moment lies in the ability to move from what has been to what has the potential of being in a split second.

Wake Up from the Illusions

Donna Taylor

Anyone who has been lost in the wilderness wondering what they were put here for will know how deeply distressing that search for purpose can be. It’s my belief that we all have a purpose, and April invites us to step further on the path that we were destined to tread.

Break Through Personal and Occupational Barriers

Lynn Buess

The number 9 is heavily related to emotions, feelings, and liquids, especially water. The number 4 is related to fundamentals of structure, form, and the discipline of movement. Watch events related to shipping and trade among nations.


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