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Assert Your Spiritual Truth

Michelle Karen

How to Read and Use the Following Calendar: This is not the usual Sun sign–based calendar.

Decipher Nonlinear Metaphysics through Tarot Wisdom

Sensei Erwin Rimban

The set of insights known as the Major Arcana of the tarot is really a didactic tool to explain the two informational processing realms in metaphysics called the nonlinear and sequential systems.

Brace Yourselves for an Epidemic of Enlightenment

Lynn Buess

The headlines this month will both raise and lower the emotional heartbeat of the masses, as both the sordid and the sublime seep closer to the surface of the human consciousness.

Make a Fresh Start

Donna Taylor

The month begins with the remnants of a new moon in Leo (August 1), making the very beginning of August a good time to begin new ventures or to plant seeds for a fresh start.

Conflicts Might Come to a Head

Lynn Buess

On a global scale, relations become strained to the boiling point in many regions of the world as sabers rattle and the threat of conflicts come closer in Iran, Southeast Asia, and North Korea.

A Solid Foundation for a Multitude of Opportunities

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

A clearing of the clouds of chaos and confusion continues as each member of the human kingdom crosses the bridge from the old Age of Pisces fear-generated energies over their chasm of lifetimes of fear creation onto the shore of unconditional love, harmony, and vibrational energies of the Age of

It’s Time to Move Forward

Michelle Karen

How to Read and Use the Following Calendar: This is not the usual Sun sign–based calendar.

Don’t Resist the Current of Life

Donna Taylor

Hang on to your hats, folks, for February looks like a roller coaster of a ride! Not only is it eclipse month with a solar eclipse in Pisces and a lunar eclipse in Leo, but we also have a very volatile T-square featuring Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter.

The Clash of Wills

Lynn Buess

February can be a definitive month regarding global behavior for the rest of the year. It is a time of raw emotions, and some of that is not good. The scripted violence both here and abroad is ramped up to a new level, and the world is on edge.

Eclipses Usher Major Changes

Michelle Karen

Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday, February 5 at 23º08' until 22º22' Libra this month. It remains retrograde until June 9. Its shadow period lasts until September 6.


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