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Power Struggles Abound

Donna Taylor

July is all about power as an almighty planetary clash involving Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury takes place in the heavens, mirroring the state of affairs on planet Earth. As a result, July is likely to be a month that takes no prisoners, especially in the first two weeks.

Great Expansion Is Possible

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies for July emerge with authenticity in the self and others. For this tremendous passion power to come forth in all its rebirthing qualities, you must seek deep within the soul heart to discover the core essence of your inner truth center, the lion heart of inner beingness.

Opportunities for Positive Change Accelerate

Lynn Buess

Power, pride, and the likelihood of pandemonium in the world are highlighted as this month runs its natural (or manipulated) course. When ego, money, and power become concentrated in one place, the probability of corruption reaches heights previously unexperienced.

Ride the Cosmic Wave of Change

Michelle Karen

On Monday, August 7 at 11:11am, there will be a lunar eclipse in Aquarius (15º25’). We might feel oversensitive. Situations surrounding our domestic circumstances could become vague, confused, and complex.

Honor Your Truth

Donna Taylor

August is likely to be a passionate month, featuring turning points and new beginnings as the hand of destiny slips in and orchestrates matters from above.

Be Encouraged to Step into the Light

Lynn Buess

August brings more light to the split between the yearning within the masses for a new golden dawn in global consciousness and the manipulation of collective human idealism by the self-interests of powerbrokers.

Astrology Demystified

Universal Wisdom
Nansea Lee

We understand that many of you are searching for more meaning and purpose to your lives. Your soul asked to be born on your planet at this time of tremendous change. Before you incarnated, one of your requests was that you wanted to be more aware in your current life.

Passion Initiates Journeys

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

On August 1, Lammas Day, the cosmic passion energies of love will fan the flames in the hearts of all within the cosmos. These energies empower and encourage a quantum leap of faith to follow the soul-heart’s desire.

Allow the Magic to Flow

Donna Taylor

We’ve all had the blissful experience of being in the flow, those days when everything goes right without any effort.

New Truths Inspire Harmony

Egyptian Cat Archetypes
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September 2017 is a month of truth revelations with a stellium of planets in Leo: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Vulcanus, and the Moon’s north node. This plethora of truth revelations will open the eyes, ears, and hearts of many as it seeks harmonious vibration and expressions of love, light, and life.


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