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Eclipses and New Beginnings in 2011

Stephanie Clement

Let's face it: There are almost as many ways to do astrological forecasting as there are astrologers. One simply must choose a method and go for it. My forecasts are firmly based on astronomical phenomena, carefully calculated to assure accuracy.

Connecting to You

Rhonda Smith

January (23/5) will bring you opportunities to connect to and stay connected to your inner knowing, which connects to your true security within. It's up to you whether or not you'll pick up the ringing phone.

Jupiter Brings Good Luck and New Creative Energies

Stephanie Clement

Are you ready for the winds of change to shift in your favor? Whether you wish for a blast that knocks your socks off or a gentle breeze that guides you in the direction of optimism and hope, January provides momentum for your desires.

Remember Who You Really Are

Michelle Karen

We are blessed with a solar eclipse on Tuesday, January 3 at 1:03AM at 13°39' Capricorn.

Crusading for Truth

Rhonda Smith

March (25/7) will allow you to lift your veils so you see reality. The whole month will have periods where you are led to withdraw and reflect. Follow those feelings and you'll be able to reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force for all.

We Enter a New Dimension of Consciousness Now

Michelle Karen

Mercury is retrograde from March 30 till April 23, between 24°18' and 12°53' Aries.

Seek Higher Goals and Discover Healing Energies

Stephanie Clement

This month there are no eclipses. No planets change direction. Of the outer plants, only Chiron changes sign this month, moving forward again into Pisces. The most notable outer planet aspect is Jupiter Square to Pluto on February 25.

Finding Truth and Order Within

Rhonda Smith

February (24/6) will help you to develop a deep sense of order within that will help you feel secure and gain inspiration from this place. To facilitate this, you will have increased sensitivity increasing your awareness of what is beneath the surface.

Maintain Your Integrity Now

Michelle Karen

Saturn is retrograde this whole month between 17° 11' and 16° 18' Libra.

The Breath of Time

mar de luz

The desert will bloom and bloom hard this year and continue to stir and grow," she said. "Your children will usher in a new generation of peace and wonder. Stay tuned and stay awake—it's going to take all you've got just to hang on.


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