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The Astrological Structure of Ascension

Robert FitzGerald

The process of ascension is structured in the Taurus ascendant zodiac empowered by the astrological technology of the seven-planet axis mundi. As the mother goddess of creation and heaven, the planet Venus sits at the center point of the axis, the fourth position within seven planets.

A November of Newness

Michelle Karen

The lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19 at 12:57am will be followed by a solar eclipse on Saturday, December 4 at 12°22' Sagittarius.

Play Your Part

Nori Muster

In 2022, we will still face climate change and the COVID pandemic. We also still live in a time of polarization where a significant minority of Americans refuse mainstream reality.

You Choose How You Experience Change

Elizabeth Joyce

Since entering the decade of 2020, you’ve been through changes, some good and some painful. Right now, during this massive evolutionary shift in consciousness, change is happening more rapidly. It happens every hour and is being seen through a different lens.

The Mirrors of November and December

Kira Raa

Together, the energies of November and December send the strong energy of the union of you — your divine soul and your vessel — as the completion that assures your success.

A New Consciousness Emerges in November

Lynn Buess

As the masses are running around in spirals of cognitive dissonance, it is time for the awakened to speak up and act on their truths.

A Slow and Cautious Beginning

Michelle Karen

Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, January 14 at 3:41am until February 3 between 10º19' and 25º34' Capricorn. Its shadow period remains until February 24. The next three weeks require that we rethink our organization. Adapting our structures to new demands allows us to be more effective.

The Great Transition

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

January 2022 begins with a stellium of four planets and the asteroid Cupido in the earth sign Capricorn, signaling the necessity to express and communicate compassion, connection, and cooperation with the figure-eight flow of energies between self and all within — as well as the people, places, a

You Are Here Now

Kira Raa

The power of all activity and the manifested energy to call it into form are happening now. This is a wow moment for all humanity. It’s a moment to pay attention to with divine reverence, humility, and celebration that you chose to be here now.

The Masses Begin to Awaken

Lynn Buess

Global and national events may have an impact on your life this month or soon. A slow social awakening of indifferent and sleeping citizens gains further momentum as more of the masses realize the extent of how much of their history, health, and wealth has been taken and used for no good.


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