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The Coming Aquarius Utopia

Robert FitzGerald

Astrological ages reveal that this is a time of cleansing rather than doom-and-gloom, destructive endings. By definition, the Pisces dissolution is the washing away of surface delusions in a process of spiritual cleansing.

Moving Forward

Michelle Karen

Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, February 16 at 4:54pm and remains so until March 10. Its shadow period lasts until March 30.

Take Responsibility

Donna Taylor

To understand what is going to be the flavor of 2020, we need only study the planetary dynamics — and subsequent world events — of January.

Quaking Ground — Literally and Figuratively

Lynn Buess

Sweeping political and social reforms will take place this year, and January will provide some fireworks for the beginning of this process. Hidden agendas become more transparent, and previous acts of treason and criminal nature will be revealed.

Allow the True You

Michelle Karen

Uranus turns direct on Friday, January 10. Its shadow period remains until April 26, 2020. The degree it turns direct on (2º39’ Taurus) is represented in the Sabian symbols by “natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom.” The more we have the courage to be ourselves, the deeper the rewards.

High Energy for January

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Passion for change, healing, wholeness, and truth will be running high in January 2020 as the grand trine energies open up the year with Chiron just entering Aries, Vulcanus just entering Leo, and Mars moving into Sagittarius on January 3.

Depth, Transformation, and Movement in November

The Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

November 2019 begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from November 1 to November 20. Scorpio — the triune water sign of depth, transformation, and movement — tends to express at three distinct levels. One level is holding a grudge, getting even, suspicion, and distrust.

Lifting One, Lifts All

Michelle Karen

How to Read and Use the Following Calendar: This is not the usual Sun sign–based calendar.

Old Issues Still Confront Us in November

Lynn Buess

The focus for November is on President John F. Kennedy and his death 56 (11) years ago this month. He is popularly recognized for speaking out against and attempting to confront the darkness that even now engulfs the nation. He was killed on November 22 (11, 22), 1963.

Small Steps and Compassion Lead to Success

Nori Muster

We face a troubling future until humanity can unite around sustainable practices for the planet. Those of us who are older have long envisioned a time when people work together. So far, instead of the cooperation our planet needs, we witness a rash of propaganda and hate.


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