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Standing on Your Own Foundation

Rhonda Smith

September 2011 (22), is another intense month with the repetition of the master builder vibration of the year. There is tremendous energy to bring spiritual energy to the material plane, and you are to command this energy to build your life and help others to do the same.

Challenge Yourself and Reap Great Rewards

Donna Taylor

It is over two years since I wrote my last column for the Sedona Journal of Emergence! While it's wonderful to be back, I have been rubbing my chin pondering how best to deliver the news that the planetary gods wish me to impart. For the most part, August is a month full of challenges.

Increased Abundance, Healing, and Mastery

Michelle Karen

Jupiter is still retrograde this month between 10°21' and 8°50' and will be until December 25. These degrees are symbolized in the Sabian symbols by "a woman watering flowers in her garden," "a Red Cross nurse," and "a fully decorated Christmas tree."1 We continue this month in a time of

Using Your Intuition to Create

Rhonda Smith

August 2011 (30/3), brings a sense of celebration and somewhat restless energies that require you to stay balanced and act constructively in your life. This is the energy of creation and fertility.

Embrace Your Divine Destiny

Michelle Karen

Jupiter is still retrograde this whole month until December 25 between 8°44’ and 5°01’ Taurus.

Clarify Your Desires for the Future

Rhonda Smith

October 2011 (23/5) marks the beginning of the last quarter of 2011 where you begin, from this new point of clarity about you, to visualize and crystallize what you wish to manifest in the transition year of 2012.

The Time is Ripe for New Beginnings

Donna Taylor

This month begins with a cluster of planetary bodies in Libra— the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury all turn their attention toward matters of balance, justice, harmony, and relating.

Organizing and Preparing for 2012

Rhonda Smith

November 2011 (24/6) gives you the vibration to further develop your inner sense of order. This will bring you messages and inspiration, especially in your dreams. Follow your deep inner knowing and use the energy of your deep emotions to power and manifest your visions for the future.

Predictions for 2012

Michelle Karen

This is a 5 year (2+0+1+2=5)—a year of change and movement. Much information becomes available. From October 29, 2011 to December 21, 2012, the last cycle in the Mayan calendar offers us a final chance to transmute what remains of the old consciousness into the new.

A Changing of the Worlds: An Astrological Overview of 2012

mar de luz

“Open their hearts, Grandfather, so that they may know there is no death, only a changing of the worlds.”

—Robert Ghost Wolf

“It’s funny how civilizations change, yet we all keep coming up with the same story.”

—Robert Ghost Wolf


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