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Reclaim Mastery

Kira Raa

One way or another, the stage is set: January 2023 is a powerhouse of energy and reset. This is the epitome of a new-year moment, as the support for all is vast and carries greater energy than ever before.

A Year to Focus Inward

Susan Owens

The year 2023 is a 7 universal year. After a 6 year of service and family, now is the time to focus inward. You need solitude, rest, and time to reexamine your life’s direction. This 7 vibration brings spiritual pursuits and studying life’s mysteries.

Forge a New Direction in November

Donna Taylor

The other night I found myself deep in conversation with someone about the end times, the New Earth, and the state of the world, and I was asked what I thought the solution was to all humanity’s problems.

Clean Up and Clear Away

Elizabeth Joyce

Let’s see what will happen between now and 2024. Transiting Mars will reach the United States’ natal chart, which could bring some kind of aggressive act. Then Saturn will move into Pisces, and it will aspect the Moon on March 20, September 20, and December 23, 2023.

There Is Nothing We Cannot Accomplish

Michelle Karén

February 15, 2023. This degree is represented in the Sabian symbols by “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” Our newfound confidence, a deeper sense of our integrity, and the ability to tap in to the whole spectrum of our skills and talents are greatly enhanced.

Cleansing and Harmonizing

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

November 2022 brings a huge emotional cleansing of earth, sea, and humanity with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in late Pisces.

Claim Harmony in All Aspects of Life

Kira Raa

In my close to twenty years of having the honor to call forth this process, the November-December 2022 balancing sequence is so richly unique that it took my breath away. This moment of cocreated opportunity fully opens the window to claim harmony in all aspects of life without limitation.

November Is a Month of Hopes, Schemes, and Impractical Dreams

Lynn Buess

Note to readers: This will be my last contribution to the Sedona Journal, as I am getting on in years and refocusing my life. Many thanks to all of you for your emails of kind words and support. With this, I bid you adieu.

The Best Attitudes for 2023

Nori Muster

Just like the past year, floods and fires continue to batter our planet. In America, we’ve learned from years of climate denial and domestic political violence how long cruelty and lies can continue without any apparent karmic reaction.

Open Your Heart

Donna Taylor

After a long period of intense energies, it may come as a welcome relief to hear that October brings with it a very Venusian theme. In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relaxation, pleasure, enjoyment, truth, and beauty — all things that we could do with more of right now.


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