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Your Moment of Divine Mastery Recognition

Kira Raa

Unity, sacred union, and you —this is a month that is brimming with the energy of mastery completion. What is ready is now moving into greater motion, and what has been hiding can be seen for what it really is. Your soul is calling loudly.

Space Opens for a Fresh Start

Donna Taylor

Inspiration is a curious thing; it comes and goes of its own accord. We never know when it might strike or why, after a period of being infused with it, it decides to leave. One thing we do know is that we can’t control it and thus have to be grateful when it magically appears.

Renewed Faith in a Bright Future

Michelle Karen

Pluto turns retrograde on Friday, April 29 at 11:38am at 28º36' Capricorn until October 8. Its shadow period will remain until January 30, 2023.

The End of a 246-Year Cycle

Raquel Spring

Whether or not you believe in or understand astrology, this information about the United States’ Pluto return will give you the context for what you are experiencing in the world today.

Welcome Clarity for Expansion

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The energies in April are quite the mixture as cosmic vibrational energies of balanced reciprocity flow into the earth and all upon it. Emotional responses require diligence now to remain aware and to harmonize the psyche, body, and spirit within the self.

A Time of Personal Reclamation

Lynn Buess

As spring emerges in the Northern Hemisphere, the spirit of revival and renewal blossoms among the populations that have grown weary of the political climate.

True Alchemical Transformation

Kira Raa

The spinning lotus of the ascended presence of archangelic support is here and saying yes to the heart of humanity. April is a month that invites us all to remember and trust the inspired voice of the divine mastery presence that is ours to harness and flow with.

The Karmic Books Are Being Balanced

Donna Taylor

There’s a lot of activity occurring in the heavens this month. Not only do we have the big event of Jupiter changing signs on May 11 but we also have a solar eclipse at the very beginning of May. This is followed by Mercury turning retrograde on May 10.

Revelations Redefine Leadership

Egyptian Cat Beings
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The Taurus point of avatar will be activated in May, creating portals between dimensions, timelines, worlds, and realms. This facilitates the ability to dismiss fear and drama and invites supportive, nurturing, strong, healing, loving energies for all beings.

Move toward Your Vision for the Future

Michelle Karen

Pluto remains retrograde until October 8. Its shadow period will remain until January 30, 2023. The degree traveled in May (28º36'–28º23' Capricorn) is represented in the Sabian symbols by “a woman reading tea leaves.”


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