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Your Full Creation Experience Ignites

Kira Raa

The law of instantaneous manifestation activates with profound clarity. Experience is the energy of your ascended presence. With the second harmonic gate spinning and transforming into the third and final gate of 2021, all energy is condensing.

Tap into the Transformative Energies of November

Donna Taylor

It is said that the only certain thing in life is change. The more we hold on, try to keep things the way they are, or go back to how they were, the more likely we are to suffer and struggle.

Cosmic Truths Unfold for November

Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

November opens with a T-square in mutable signs with the Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, both squared by Venus in Sagittarius conjunct the galactic center. This sets the stage for an incredibly powerful oracular month of “aha!” moments.

Collective Soul Evolution

Raquel Spring

For thousands of years, cultures and civilizations have turned to astrology for clues on future events. Today, astrology continues to be revered by many. It’s used as a system to decode cycles and the nature of events within them. When used wisely, astrology can reveal much.

The Astrological Structure of Ascension

Robert FitzGerald

The process of ascension is structured in the Taurus ascendant zodiac empowered by the astrological technology of the seven-planet axis mundi. As the mother goddess of creation and heaven, the planet Venus sits at the center point of the axis, the fourth position within seven planets.

A November of Newness

Michelle Karen

The lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19 at 12:57am will be followed by a solar eclipse on Saturday, December 4 at 12°22' Sagittarius.

Play Your Part

Nori Muster

In 2022, we will still face climate change and the COVID pandemic. We also still live in a time of polarization where a significant minority of Americans refuse mainstream reality.

You Choose How You Experience Change

Elizabeth Joyce

Since entering the decade of 2020, you’ve been through changes, some good and some painful. Right now, during this massive evolutionary shift in consciousness, change is happening more rapidly. It happens every hour and is being seen through a different lens.

The Mirrors of November and December

Kira Raa

Together, the energies of November and December send the strong energy of the union of you — your divine soul and your vessel — as the completion that assures your success.

A New Consciousness Emerges in November

Lynn Buess

As the masses are running around in spirals of cognitive dissonance, it is time for the awakened to speak up and act on their truths.


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