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The World's View of Reality Will Shift

The World's View of Reality Will Shift Lynn Buess

The changing of dimensions and the piercing of the veil allowing new levels of consciousness will become more common to much of humanity. The acceleration of time, the increased flow of cosmic photons, the alteration of the Sun's activity, and other previously considered quantum or paranormal events are a few of the realms of manifestation now taking place. Soon they will no longer be denied by the common citizens of Earth, who will recognize these events according to their individual capacity for understanding.

Of course, all this does not happen in a month. It is a trigger point in consciousness when these areas of experience are noticeably accentuated and accelerated. The world's view of reality will shift with these happenings, as well as events that were once considered surreal but now are becoming commonplace.

The universal year is an 11(2), and as mentioned before, the 2 is the number of duality. As you go higher into the light, you go equally and oppositely into the dark side to bring up that which has been hidden the longest and deepest.