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The Light of Truth

The Light of Truth Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Empathic sensations are heightened throughout July. Emotional energy bodies are more easily influenced by thoughts, words, and actions, be they projections from others, outdated responses from eons of programming, or results of ingesting sugars, particularly refined. The potential for overreaction to all stimuli is possible — love, fear, or variations of these. Balanced reciprocity in all is a path of wisdom.

With the grand trine of Neptune in Pisces, Kronos in Cancer, and Jupiter on the Scorpio point of avatar, the potentials for sudden cleansing, clarification, transformation, and emotional tsunamis are high. Afterward, this brings a nurturing figure-8 flow of giving and receiving in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Wherever there is emotional excess and imbalance of any type that creates restriction or limitation, the expansive energies of Jupiter will seek it, going to the depths to expose and uproot all fears, betrayal, poverty, and shame. Forgive self and others, and release judgment and separation, washing them away in a variety of ways — some physical, some mental, some emotional, and some spiritual.