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Revelations and Awakenings Abound

Revelations and Awakenings Abound Lynn Buess

I have shared my predictions for 2018, and you will note that there are some issues of major importance that are repeated from previous months and years. That is because they will come to the forefront of public matters if the public chooses to wake up. The worldwide extent of previously noted and long-standing sexual abuse networks and trafficking and child rings come further into public knowledge as the Harvey Weinstein case (as did the Jimmy Savile case in Great Britain) and many others in power centers continue to expose (so to say) the matter’s global reach and how it extends into high places.
The risk of a nuclear mistake of gigantic proportion looms now and for the rest of the year. The breakdown of storage facilities, hundreds of leaking reactors worldwide, and the radiation resulting from the Fukushima disaster, along with a heightened threat of nuclear war, make this year a key turning point for better management of nuclear energy or massive destruction. Advancements in technology continue in quantum leaps as we plunge headlong toward becoming a cyborg race. Previously hidden military and black-ops technologies are revealed and earn some so-called conspiracy investigators public kudos for a job well done.
The possibility of greater public awakening and expansion of consciousness this year is heightened by the 11(2) vibration. Will the long known contact with off-planet life finally be announced by the lagging U.S. government and intelligence agencies? Rediscovered ancient alien technologies along with current advancements in science and technology could lead to unbelievable developments in a world that is already almost daily introduced to astonishing breakthroughs.