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The Time of Fear Is Ending

The Time of Fear Is Ending Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Passions and emotions run high throughout August 2018 with water and air trines adding to the mix, generating the desire that head and heart become whole and harmonious. Mind and emotions will require clarification. To many, the projections will become obvious of those whose heads and hearts are without balance as they push to persuade others who seek to influence outcomes for personal gain.

As the energy of Jupiter fully activates the Scorpio point of avatar, the separation, judgment, polarization, and blame used to control the minds and hearts of the human kingdom during the age of Pisces (with full encouragement to project this onto others) will become more apparent. As secret desires, fears, and emotions bubble up from the depths of the psyche, many limitations to the human kingdom’s spiritual growth will be brought into the light of day, and truth will shine on the falsehoods perpetuated to keep responsibility, independence, cocreation, and personal empowerment in check for the past 2,000 years.

Expansion Is on the Horizon
Pause to assess all aspects of life. The bridge between the past and future will bring clarity from the confusion perpetuated by the limitations placed within the human psyche through the belief in separation, difference, and lack. As these limiting beliefs are questioned, visions of brighter, more loving, abundant, and prosperous ways of being will arise.