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A Year of Integration

A Year of Integration Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Long-forgotten experiences, knowledge, wisdom, truth, and deep-seated fears will surface from the depths of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms within the psyches of all members of all kingdoms. For those not grounded in integration techniques, these flashbacks could create challenges as they project in the present space-time continuum. This might be likened to a bad acid trip in which people find it challenging to discern whether what they see, feel, and experience is happening in the present or is a projection of their unresolved, unprocessed, and nonintegrated memories from other aspects of the self. The purpose is to integrate all aspects of the self into the present space-time continuum so that the divine heart energy expresses fully through all beings.
The services of those versed in processes for dealing with trauma will be in demand. All professions that bring wholeness to body, mind, and spirit will be called on to facilitate the integration rather than cover up unresolved issues in the human psyche. The use of techniques to escape, mask, or cover up these traumas will only create more trauma and confusion as fractured souls become even more fractured as they avoid their personal integration process. There is no escape for anyone. All will experience the bleed through from other times, spaces, dimensions, and aspects of self, surprising even the most experienced spiritual journeyers.
Where the Hyperborean halls of records are now fully open, the opening of the Rutan Atlantean halls of records begins February 15, 2018, and continues until February 4, 2019. This is the time of the cocreation and manifestation of the new azurite etheric gemstone temple above the Cape Verde Basin in the North Atlantic. From these depths, long-camouflaged truths will reveal themselves in the psyche of many, reminding the human kingdom that the value of life infused with spirit from Source is more important than machines. The wisdom to discover balanced reciprocity between head and heart for all beings will take precedence on Earth in the coming thirteen lunar months.