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Find Balance

Find Balance Susan Owens

If you are in a 1 personal year, May is a 6 month. This is your manifestation year to create what you want for the next nine years. You are almost halfway through 2024, and this is your month to focus on what you want in your relationships. This is your home-and-family month, and your family might need you more now. It is time to be responsible, and take care of them. With relationships in the spotlight, try to process any unresolved issues with others, and be available when significant others ask for help. Hold yourself accountable, and own up to your responsibilities. The energy is also with you to complete any home improvement projects: Paint a room, organize your garage, or plant a garden. Find balance where you can in your home and family life, and nurture the ones you love. Go on a weekend getaway with your special someone. Realign your priorities to focus on nurturing your family. Find balance and create a harmonious home environment.